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Guess who’s back…back again?!?! With special guest Diana Espir

WELCOME to season 2 of Let’s Talk TV with Charis! New theme song, new attitude!

I am so excited to have Diana Espir on the podcast again! We talk all about Nashville CMT, why Scientology is so fascinating, and our love for a show that said farewell yesterday!

You can listen to Diana on her podcasts, You Can’t Sit With Me and Fashionably Latte, on Apple podcasts and anywhere podcasts are played!
Watch the latest episode of Fashionably Latte here –

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Amy + Jonah 4Ever – April 23rd Edition

Kyle and Charis talk about all the shows they watched this week!

Leave a 5 star review, and let us know what you think about the show! We also wanna hear what shows you watch!

Check out this article for what shows have been renewed/canceled! –

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