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Episode 11 Show Notes


Original Air Date- January 23, 2013


Paul A. Edwards (as Paul Edwards)


Callie Khouri (created by), Liz Tigelaar


IMDB Synopsis – The label throws a party to celebrate the success of “Wrong Song” and Rayna is courted by another label. Juliette is unhappy with her mother’s attendance and behavior at the party. Deacon holes up at home and battles his addiction. When Juliette finds him, he asks how she can have so much concern for him and none for her mother when they are fighting the same battle. Scarlett asks Gunnar to consider playing with Avery’s old band. Avery ignores Marilyn’s advice on negotiating his contract for a better deal and signs the first offer.


TV Guide – Rayna and Juliette’s duet becomes a hit, but certain guests make their celebration party awkward. Meanwhile, Teddy reveals his suspicions about Rayna and Liam; Gunnar must handle problems concerning his family; and Avery lets fame go to his head.

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