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Episode 9 Show Notes

In this episode we introduce a new special guest, Fallon Beaudin!

Imdb synopsis – Juliette and Sean elope. Sean wants them to tell Juliette’s mom on family day at rehab, but Juliette talks him into letting her go alone. Juliette and her mom continue to argue. Lamar uses Rayna’s daughter to threaten her, and Teddy tells him to back off. Deacon is on the road with the new band and avoiding an interview, but not the attractive reporter. Avery tells his band that he made a solo deal. Scarlett agrees to be their lead singer in Avery’s absence.


Paul McCrane


Callie Khouri and David Ghold


All background songs on the episode

  1. “Come Unto Me” by The Mavericks
  2. “Leading to Death” by Polica
  3. “Rock and Roll Forever” by The Whigs
  4. “Wrong Song” by Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere
  5. “Honey” by The London Souls
  6. “Returning to the Living Water” by Buddy Miller
  7. Kiss” by Jonathan Jackson


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Episode 9 Trailer

Songs from the episode

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