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Episode 8 Show Notes

In this episode, Charis and Katie discuss episode 108 – Where He Leads Me.

This episode originally aired December 5, 2012.

IMDB synopsis – Teddy’s secrecy about embezzling millions of dollars in the past, and the surfacing of suggestive photographs, leads Rayna to believe he is having an affair. Meanwhile, Scarlett gets an invitation be a band’s lead singer and the song she wrote with Gunnar gets an option contract, prompting a passionate kiss between the two and Gunnar to dump his girlfriend and profess his love to Scarlett.

TV Guide Synopsis – Rayna examines her priorities after listening to Teddy explain his situation with Peggy. Elsewhere, Juliette enjoys the bond she’s forming with Sean’s family; Gunnar makes a confession to Scarlett; and Avery and Deacon get terrific career opportunities.

It was directed by Wendey Stanzler and written by Callie Khouri and Jason George.


Episode 8 Trailer

Songs from the episode

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