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Episode 5 Show Notes

In this episode, Charis and Katie discussed episode 105 – Move It On Over.

IMDB synopsis – Deacon offers to help talk Juliette’s mother into rehab. Rayna says no to a Greatest Hits album again. Rayna is recording one of her and Deacon’s songs for a commercial, it was altered and Deacon won’t sign off on the change. Teddy and Coleman debate the baseball stadium. Teddy meets with Peggy and we learn it’s not an affair they are hiding, it’s a crime. Scarlett and Gunnar get an audition for one of their songs. When they need another guitarist Avery steps in, but he gets jealous and takes over the song by playing a flashy lead.

TV Guide Synopsis – Deacon wants to draw lines in his relationship with Rayna. Meanwhile, Teddy fears his problems will be exposed and hurt his campaign; Deacon tries to assist Juliette as she deals with Jolene’s substance-abuse issues; and the discord between Gunnar and Avery grows.

It was written by David Marshall Grant and directed by producer Lesli Linka Glatter. It first aired on November 7, 2012.

Episode 5 Trailer

Songs from the episode

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