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Episode 4 Show Notes

In this episode, we talked about episode 104 – We Live In Two Different Worlds

On this day in 2012 – Lukasfilms was purchased by Disney, presidential candidates were helping with hurricane Sandy clean up


IMDB Synopsis: Juliette is served for shoplifting, her PR agent sets her up with an interview on GMA to do damage control. Juliette blows it and the record label cancels her concert tour. Rayna agrees to help Teddy’s campaign by playing a fundraiser at the country club. Deacon gets into it with both Teddy and Rayna’s father (Lamar). Rayna fires Deacon. Scarlett and Gunnar get a publishing deal with a record company.


TV Guide Synopsis – Rayna’s marriage faces a challenge when a woman from Teddy’s past surfaces. Meanwhile, Juliette works on improving her public persona; Gunnar bonds with his publisher’s assistant; and Teddy decides to run an ethical campaign.


Hulu Synopsis – The arrival of a woman from Teddy’s past tests his marriage.


Original Air Date – Oct. 31, 2012


It was written by Todd Ellis Kessler and directed by producer Paul McCrane.

Spoilers for future episodes from 2:29-5:36






Songs from the episode

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