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Don’t Be A Jerk On Twitter

Don’t Be A Jerk On Twitter

In this episode, I recap my binge this week of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Last week's RHOBH and RHONY!  Also, check out Trey Kennedy - Overtone Spindrift Soda (coupon on ibotta app)

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We’re Back, Haters!

We’re Back, Haters!

If you are still a subscriber, you are probably shocked I recorded an episode. I hope this becomes a regular thing again! Thanks for listening! You can follow me on Instagram for more content and for updates! 

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Returning from #MBH2019

Returning from #MBH2019

Join Kyle and Charis and they talk about #MBH2019, why that should be trending, and give you the run down of all that happened while away!

You will want to be sure and check out DIFF Eyewear, and get 20% off by going to!

Thanks so much for listening, and be sure to follow Kyle and Charis on Instagram and Twitter (@ohhellocharis, @kyledillonisme) !

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Oh Hello New Format

Oh Hello New Format

Oh Hello and welcome to Let’s Talk TV, the podcast where we cover the best of reality tv and all the juicy gossip that goes with it.  I’m your host Charis and alongside me is my husband Kyle and my friend Fallon. 

In today’s episode, we are covering the mystery of Ronnie’s teeth, Easy Breezy Spencer Pratt, the ballad of Justin Bobby, THE Camille Donatacci Grammar Meyer breakdown, and so much more, so stay tuned!

But first – Who are you switching out for RHOBH next season? Who stays and who goes, and who do you want to add?

Kyle Answers
Fallon attempts to answer
Charis Answers
Let’s get into this weeks reality tv’s reality news – It’s time for Oh, Hello

Final thoughts:




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